The PTO will use the funds & points obtained through the programs listed below to directly benefit our children & our school. The funds allow the PTO to provide a variety of things (field trips, assemblies, books, etc.), while the points help to purchase much needed supplies (for art, PE, classrooms, etc.).    Thank you for your support!! 



 From soup, cereal and snacks to dairy products, beverages and food storage - your kitchen's probably full of eligible Labels for Education items.  Get clipping, send them in to your child's teacher and start earning free stuff for your school.
Click on the link below to find participating products.

General Mills Box Tops for Education
**Please continue to collect your box tops in groups of 50 - please do not submit expired box tops** 

General Mills "Box Tops for Education" can be found everywhere, on a wide variety of items, including Huggies products, Cottonelle products, many Betty Crocker and Pillsbury products, numerous brands of cereal, Yoplait yogurt, Juicy Juice, and many more. (For a full list of participating products, click here.) 10 TOPS = $1.00 for our school!!  Simply clip the Box Tops cleanly along the dotted lines, being careful not to cut off the expiration date, and turn them in to your child's teacher.